Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lexi.....this one's for you!!!!!

Apparently Lexi, my neice has been pretty perturbed with me not having a current posting, so I thought I had better get something up and quick before I am in too much trouble!

Like my sister LaRae I too am not great with change. Hence, I have been dragging my feet at figuring out all the ins and outs with my new camera. Unlike my sister LaRae, who is very smart, and great at computer and techy stuff, she would have had all this figured out within days of buying the camera. I do think I have at least figured out how to get the pictures from camera to the computer, and from the computer to the here goes, just some random photos taken over the last few months.

This picture was taken at mom's 60th birthday party, still in love after all these years! LaRae here is visual proof that you have got to replace these plants!!!!!!!!

Rare photo of Rose sitting still giving poppy a love, at the family party for my moms 60th.

The above two pictures are at Christmas time. Look at all my art stuff in the back ground! Yuck! I actually have moved everything into the office/playroom, and it is much better!

The picture below is Belle painting, and telling me a very long story about her painting. She is definitely a passionate person about her work!

I love this kid in pigtails! January 08, Las Vegas Nv. Mom's sixtieth birthday.

Christmas poinsettia I wanted to be finished by Christmas to sell, will sell it for next year! I have a lot more that I have been working on, and will post pictures as they get finished, including a painting for my darling nieces new bedroom.

So Lexi, please don't be too mad at me....and I will work on getting more regular postings! (I love you Lexi.)


judypdrsn said...

I'm with Lexi on this. We want more Nifty Nicholson News. So nice to have you back in the blogosphere; you've been missed. I love the picture of your daughter painting - that's a crack up. And you poinsetta - BEAUTIFUL!!!!

LaRae said...

We're all with Lexi! I heard rumors that a certain someone is headed back to Vernal, which I am thinking, might mean, more blog posts, perhaps.

dawnae said...

yes, as of Wednesday he is back in Vernal, and I do think I will have more time for stuff like this. Ironic isn't it.

Lexi said...

I'm not mad...that's a really pretty poinsettia, though.. belle and rose are so cute

Katie said...

I love that pic of Rose, she looks so dang cute! You are right, Belle did look VERY animated while explaining her picture to you. Maybe she is going to follow in your footstep and be an artist.

Maine Mom said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad you are figuring out your new camera. :-)

P.S. We're having a boy, too!

Melanie said...

I love the poinsettia Dawnae. Your paintings are almost as beautiful as your girls. Keep those posts coming!

Janae said...

Wonderful post...beautiful painting! So, glad your back around. Keep us posted:)