Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preshcool Graduation

Isabelle had her preschool graduation this month, and will start kindergarten next month! I can't believe she is ready for elementary school, I'm not sure I am though!

Graduates filing in

My big girl saying pledge of allegiance

Belle's best friend at school Bryn

Isabelle and Jack. These shirts are so cute, each child drew a self portrait, and then it was put onto the t-shirt!


Melanie said...

The only thing cuter than those shirts is your Belle!

LaRae said...

Cute pics! That is a FUN idea for the t-shirts. We should do that for cousin camp sometime! Congrats on graduating preschool Belle!

Janae said...

A new post!
congrats to Belle:)
I love the shirt idea. Those are super cute. It would be fun to do that for cousin camp.

dawnae said...

I agree these would be great, for cousin camp....not sure how they did them tho??????