Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stitches Age one!

This summer Joseph got up onto his little car, and had quite a tumble. The girls tell me that the car slid out from under him, and he landed right smack on his chin. Well it was pretty bad, and I knew he needed stitch's! That is so sad for a little one year old!!! Luckily Daddy was home so that mommy didn't have to sit there and hold her little guy down...I just couldn't do that! It was the night before the new school year started for the girls so we had quite a busy evening!

This is a few days later, and no that is not food at the bottom of his chin it is his cut/scar!

At least he didn't lose the cutest smile ever that mommy loves to see!


Janae said...

So So sad! I hate it when they get hurt!! Glad he survived it:) cute picts.:)

Maine Mom said...

Poor little guy! We haven't dealt with stitches yet (knock on wood!).