Thursday, September 13, 2007

My eleventh Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I miss eating since I had weight loss surgery

1…. HAMBURGERS WITH THE BUN---I crave this more than any sweets.
2. Cake
3. chicken and pork really get stuck sometimes.
4. Cold Cereal
5. Celery
6. Bananas
7. Strawberries. (bananas and strawberries are real hard to eat, I really have to concentrate on taking little tiny bites, so I do still miss them, but they are a lot of work!)
8. Bread, any bread, homemade bread for me, unless I want to be in a lot of pain.
9. peanut butter
10. hot dog in a hot dog bun :(
11. macaroni and cheese
12. pasta period.
13. soda, (not that I ever really drank this much, but sometimes you just miss that fizzy)

*now everyone with the band does not have problems with the same kind of food, everybody is different. However, these are the foods I have had to eliminate or cut back on, or I get stuck and it really hurts! I am still glad that I got the surgery, and it is worth the sacrifice.

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Angela Klocke said...

Oh, I'm so sorry :( I'm headed down a "missing foods" road shortly, I believe. Different reasons, same results - we can pout together.

Christine said...

Dawnae, I'm sorry. That sucks. I'd miss all of those except bananas.

This is just temporary, or for a long while?

Happy Thursday!

WAHM said...

I eat way too much of that stuff and wish i ddn't

my 13

Micalanne said...

So what can you eat that you really enjoy?

Qtpies7 said...

My stepmom had weight loss surgery a couple years ago. She is getting much better variety of foods now! Somethings are still a problem for her. All she could eat at first was shrimp, lol.

Irishcoda said...

That's some list, I would miss those foods too most especially strawberries. I saw that you added that having the band was worth the sacrifice though so I'm still considering doing something like that for myself. I'm glad you posted this for your TT.

Melanie said...

That must be difficult to not be able to eat all of that stuff. Is it forever or can you eventually add that stuff back in?

Buck Naked Politics said...

Go ahead, make us all hungry. Happy TT!

Nichlas said...

I would miss all of those... except celery!

Maine Mom said...

You really miss celery?...huh.

I hope you have some delicious substitutes for these missed foods.

LaRae said...

I could have sworn I posted a comment here, but it's not showing up - so I'll try again. It sounds to me that there is not much in the food category left to enjoy. This would be hard! I am glad that you have the perspective that it is worth it. You certainly look great, and I am sure you feel much better. This weekend I was looking at some pictures from the beach last summer. Can I just say, what a difference a year makes! Wow! the change is phenomenal!

~*Country Dawn*~ said...

I can't imagine... :(