Monday, September 3, 2007

Belle's Birthday!

I just can't believe that my baby is now three! Belle turned 3 on August 23rd. It really does go by so fast. It seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Belle was such a good baby. She hardly ever fussed or cried. She was that baby that makes you think that parenting is easy! I can do this again, no problem! (Ha) Well we all learn don't we. Here are a few pictures from her birthday party.

Rose wanting in on some of that unwrapping action!

oooooo I want to push this stroller soooooo bad!

Unwrapping presents is a serious business....

New school shoes...Yeah!!! (she really was excited...she loves shoes! already).

The post party blues are setting in....everyday since her birthday, Belle has asked, "where are my presents, I am ready for more".


LaRae said...

Happy 3rd birthday Isabelle, the birthday princess! Her cake looks so pretty & I'll bet it was tasty too!

Janae said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Isabelle! I can't believe she's 3 either. Everyone always wants to grow up:). Looks like a wonderful party and yes, a delicious cake!

judypdrsn said...

Super cute! Happy Birthday, Belle!