Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Sorry So Sorry.......

I'm sorry that I vanished guys...just life! I think if I get any busier I just might go crazy!!! I don't know how my sisters do it with so many kids! I have been busy school shopping, getting Spencer in the swing of things for school, baby well checks, and three yr old physicals, Belle's birthday, and company coming into town! Not to mention going to Vernal to collect all the stuff my husband took to Vernal, when he was working there. I am also trying to finish up a couple of paintings that I am going to try and get into the Redlands Gallery, thanks to Micalanne. It has just been a crazy couple a weeks! So either my children needed me, or Allen needed me, or the housework and meals for company. Either I am inept at all this housewife/mother stuff....and everyone is much better at it, or none of you guys get any sleep!!! So which is it????? Okay enough of the poor me, I am really glad that I am missed in the blog world! So with out further ado......the much anticipated....drum roll please....Hawaii Pictures!!!

These first pictures are of us in Waimea. It is the grand canyon of the South Pacific, as John Wayne said back in the 50's, according to the reading material over there. It was absolutely amazing, unfortunately, you will not all see the amazingness because the day we went there it was engulfed in a cloud, and we all got soaked. But in person it was truly something else. I think the canyon pictures themselves look a little bit like another world or the moon or something....kinda freaky.

I really loved this tree laying down like

Took this while driving by a beach...I loved the colors of the two blues..the sky and ocean.

These are called the twin falls. They are the falls in Fantasy Island show....Remember that show???? Da Plane Da Plane. There was a really cool hike that you could go on that ended in swimming down at the bottom of the falls. I would have loved to go on the hike, but it was real steep, and the girls never would have made it.

These next pictures are the day we took the train ride, and toured the sugar plantation. There was some gorgeous scenery!

Little plantation cottage....didn't get the whole quaint!

Look at that sky!!! I just hardly ever see a sky this blue...especially here in Utah.

feeding the animals on daddy's shoulders.

I wish that I had more pictures. Both of the girls got sick on the trip and were down for a day each, but luckily felt better quickly. This day Belle was still not up to par, and started running a fever. I have to say that I really want to go back. I want to see the Na Pali coast, and do some of the hikes. I cannot even tell you of the majesty of the NaPali Coast. The sheer black cliffs are absolutely breathtaking with the blue ocean and the white capped waves crashing onto the black rocks below! Just amazing. I wish I had a camera on the plane, and I would have taken a picture, I have really never seen anything like it. I "heard" that it was where they filmed Jurassic Park.
Well, I do have lots more pictures coming up, and of course Belle's birthday until next time....I bid you farewell. (now I get to make dinner and drag my children to back to school night without hubby who is
*I promise next week I will have my wordless wednesday and Thursday thirteen up!


Maine Mom said...

Welcome back! Life does get super busy at times and you just can't do everything. I think the super-productive people don't sleep!

I'm glad you had a fun time in Hawaii! Thanks for sharing some pictures with us.

judypdrsn said...

Dawnae, those pictures are beautiful! I like the one with the laying down tree, too. It sounds really beautiful there!

Glad to have you back in blogland. You were missed!

LaRae said...

So glad you are back! It IS busy this time of year. Fun to see your pictures. I am sure I have a couple I can send you - I got a cute one of Spencer snorkeling.

Micalanne said...

Great pictures! I Love the one of the blue sky and clouds. Very Beautiful. Good luck with all the activities that are keeping you busy. You are looking great, by the way. What is your weight loss to date?

Janae said...

Glad you are back! Great pictures. House guests? Your are very busy! This time of year is definitely it I think. I am finally looking forward to a bit of a routine and more blog time myself:)

experience courage with Janet said...

You should paint the laying-down-tree - that would be amazing! The first week of back to school and adjusting to all the 'stuff' is hard - so take it easy on are missed, but believe me, I for one get it!

dawnae said...

Micalanne, I am preparing a post of my weight loss journey to watch for it....