Monday, August 25, 2008

Belles third year!

Belle had many firsts this past year, first time going to preschool, first time to play at a friends house, first dance recital, and her first baby brother! We had a fun exciting year, and it is so fun to watch her grow. She is a big help to me, and a delightful little girl. I am sure 4 will hold as many wonders and adventures as 3.

Belle learned how to ride the scooter, and in her Sunday shoes no less!

Cousin camp watching poppy give four wheeler rides with cousin Ryan

Sissy's playing dress up!

In our Sunday best with sissy Rose and baby brother Joey.

Looks like Belle got him to take the Binky!!! The first and last time Ha!

Belle also had her first dance recital. I thought she was absolutely beautiful in her tutu! They were the Red Roses. It was a flower theme.

Getting ready to leave....for the dance recital. She was very excited that she got to wear "real" make up and not markers.

Belle and her birthday cake. Belle had a great day, and many wonderful presents. Her Aunt Janae and cousins came to celebrate with us, and it was a wonderful day! (The cake almost killed me though)!!!!


judy lucy said...

She's a beauty in the red tutu!!! You've got great kids, Dawnae.

Katie said...

She looks so cute in her tutu! I cant wait till Ella is is a little older. Can you believe our babies are 4(almost in my case)? I love Rose's expression in the dress-up picture. So funny!

Melanie said...

What a little beauty. It is so fun to see her growing up.

Janae said...

Dawnae, that cake is one for the was so perfectly gorgeous...I was very impressed:)
Belle is growing up!

Maine Mom said...

Sounds like Belle has had a fun year being 3. She looks so beautiful in her tutu!

Cute Barbie cake. Did you make it?

LaRae said...

Wow - what a beautiful cake! I'm impressed! Four years have gone by so fast. I love the red tutu!

Boys and Beagles said...

your girls are so much personality and spunk!

Congratulations on your new little man, Joey.

Micalanne said...

She is so beautiful Dawnae! You have a lot to look forward to with her this next year! :) She's at a really fun age!