Friday, August 15, 2008

Rose this past year

It is hard to believe that my little Rose is a two year old. Her birthday was clear back in May, and we celebrated her birthday party the night before I went into the hospital to have baby Joey. I promise baby girl your birthday next year will be lots better! Anyway here are some shots from the past year, some are real action shots because this little girl doesn't slow down for anything or anyone! Rose has really tested my endurance and creativeness in keeping her little inquisitive mind busy! I love you Rose, and am looking forward to another busy toddler filled year!

A rare contemplative moment, she must have been watching a really good TV show. Like Little bear, (one of her favorites). This little dress was a birthday gift from Mammy.

I love this smile on Rose, this is my little mischievous Rose.....

Loves hanging out with daddy and big sissy in Daddy's dump truck.....which is no longer....we sold it this year.

Busy, Busy, Busy. This is the picture I am going to show her when she is eight months pregnant, along with the picture of the mess on the floor! By then she will be able to empathize!

Growing into a little girl that loves to play dress up with Sissy. (this is quite recent....before when I would try to put on a dress up out fit on her, she would shrug her little body right out of it). However, now she loves to do everything that Belle does!

Rose is walking pretty good in high heels now, better than her mom!

Ah the joys of cousin camp......

She found her love for painting her body at cousin camp.....since they painted the kids hands for an apron for my mom. Now she enjoys painting her face legs, tummy, feet, and anything else she can get exposed!

Holding baby brother the day after he was born. She always wanted to get him to suck on that binkie, oh how I wish she could have persuaded him.

Rose's birthday celebration with daddy and cousin Beth Ann

This beautiful cake was made and decorated by my very talented sister Janae! I think you need to take this on the road Janae, and start your own business! It was absolutely delish! (just like everything you make) That pretty much hits the high lights of the past year, and I look forward to taking lots more pictures in the year to come. As hard as it is to keep up with this little one, I will sure miss her little chubby cheeks when she smiles, the great kisses you blow to me every night, and your sweet loving disposition (which always seems to go with age....a mamma can always hope tho)


Katie said...

I love the picture of Rose on the counter. It captures totally who she is. The look of determination on her face while trying to get joey to take tha binky made me laugh!

judy lucy said...

Happy late birthday, Rose. Dawnae, she is a beauty, just like her mama.

LaRae said...

Where have the last 2 years gone? Lots of great pictures - the cousin camp one of her not so happy is too funny!

Janae said...

Great recap for Rose Dawnae! Good job on blogging:)
Cute, busy Rose...she is a sweet girl despite her busyness:) She likes to keep you hopin!
It's funny how once they decide to be like big's all the way! Cute dress up picture:)

Maine Mom said...

Rose is so cute and she is at a cute age. The picture of her on the counter is definitely one to keep for the future. :-) The binky photo and story reminds me of Kate, who loves her binky, who is determined to get Noah to love his, with no luck yet.

Have fun being 2, Rose!

Melanie said...

Great post Dawnae! I love the picture of Rose in the kitchen. It makes me smile. She is such a cutie!

Micalanne said...

So cute! Love the picture up on the counter!