Wednesday, August 6, 2008


May was a very eventful month for our family! Spencer turned 12 and graduated from the sixth grade, and most importantly received the priesthood! Rose turned the big 2, and of course the birth of our last child, baby Joey. Here are some pictures from Spencer's graduation.

Walking down the cafeteria to take his place among the other graduates. His name starts with a W so he was one of the last ones. He looks so handsome in his tie and white shirt! We are seeing a lot of that now that he is passing the sacrament on Sunday!

He even sang in the graduating class choir! I was a proud mom!

Spencer receiving his diploma, his teacher is the one with the lei.

Spencer has gotten a lot of maturity this past year. I can see a glimpse of the man that he will be some day. I love you Spencer, and I am so proud of all that you have accomplished!


Katie said...

Congrats to Spencer. Looks like hes doing some pretty impressive things up there!

LaRae said...

May was a big month for your family. Spencer looks very handsome in his white shirt & tie. You should be proud!

judy lucy said...

Congratulations, Spencer - big milestones for you. I love the picture of Spencer with his baby brother. Glad you're back with us, Dawnae.

Janae said...

Yeah Spencer and yeah for you...a new blog post and all! Good job sis:)

Maine Mom said...

It's fun to hear from you! You have definitely had a lot going on the past few months. Congratulations to Spencer on his graduation and receiving the Priesthood!

I love the picture of Spencer holding Joey. Very sweet.

Micalanne said...

So sweet holding his baby brother! And I agree with the others, he looks very handsome in his white shirt! I see a lot of your likeness in the picture of him on your sidebar!