Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cousin Camp

Well, my camera was really causing me a lot of difficulties so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. I also got a massive migraine on Saturday, and have no pictures from Saturday:( (it was so bad I was on the couch with a cold pack.) Some of these pics are a bit fuzzy....but here we go.....

Katie my sister in law married to our youngest brother, taught the kids how to make flowers out of napkins. They turned out super cute! The Jr. Campers really liked this project. While the cousin campers were busy with lots of projects, the Senior Campers were hiking in Bryce Canyon, and having a great time.

During some down time, Madi, LaRae's oldest was blowing some bubbles for the little ones...they sure enjoyed that.

Spencer's highlight of the weekend, was poppy teaching him to drive the lawn mower! Spencer told me driving was a piece of cake, and he is ready to get his license......(oh yeah! Thanks Dad) This activity abruptly ended when one of the kids ran the lawn mower into a ditch......oh well all good things must end.

Madi, highly excited that it is her turn!

After the hike it was just pouring rain....and the kids were so hot they stood out in the rain and let it pour all over them. This is Lili, Janae's daughter, and Katie, LaRae's second oldest.

Jr. camp activity, learning to make cookies with Aunt Janae.

This picture really cracks me up! This is Vivi with her mom, I think she is telling her she absolutely does not need her help doing this task. ( on a side note, take a look who is in the back ground in the pantry. I did not recognize myself, I am getting so skinny!!! Wooo Hooo.........)

A little game of "Jared says" is always a delight, and really kept the kids occupied while waiting for lunch.

Belle and Ryan, (Jared's oldest boy) got along famously. They made a big fort in the front room with all the fleece blankets that everyone made, and ran and chased each other a lot. I think they became really good friends on this trip.

My dad's birthday was on Sunday, 61! (doesn't look a day older than 40, well at least my mom doesn't........ Anyway we had a great dinner, roast, potatoes, carrots, squash from my garden, corn on the cob, and chocolate molten cake and cheesecake from the cheese cake factory!!!! Too yummy. (just a side note....the molten cakes were 600 calories a piece!!!!!) Man were they delish.
The kids made the cutest fleece blankets....(wish I had a pic.) and they learned how to make gift boxes, necklaces and they all read lots of books. This cousin camp theme was dedicated to charity. All of the cousins have been reading like crazy since December. My mom told the kids for every book they read she would contribute so much money for each book depending on how many pages it was. Each child did just stupendous! I am really proud of all of them. Some of the kids are going to contribute 100% of their money to their charity that they chose. Spencer and Isabelle are choosing to contribute to National Autism society in the name of their brother, Jp. I am really proud of them! All in all it was a very memorable cousin camp, and I am sure the kids all left with a lot of good memories.


judypdrsn said...

I love your lingo Dawnae! Delish, stupendous, famously . . .

experience courage with Janet said...

OK - I have just been convinced that your mother is BRILLIANT! Not only did she get ALL the kids to read - so very wonderful - BUT she made it a great learning experience by giving them the opportunity to donate to those who really need it - SO GREAT!!

And yes, you are wasting away there, Dawnae! I am so happy for you!

dawnae said...

Thanks Janet...and yes my mother is quite brilliant if I do say so myself!!

Janae said...

I am amazed at all the different photos we (me,you,LaRae) got from our same weekend. Great pictures even with your fuzzy camera:)

Katie said...

The picture of Ry and Belle is so cute. They do have fun together. It was quite the weekend, sadly I didnt really take any pictures. Well, that's not true I did take quite a few pictures with your camera...sorry! Im so excited, I just figured out how to add people to my blog page... only took like a week... good job!

Christine said...

You all look like you had a fantastic weekend, and what a Blast!!
All the activities for the kids, even learning to drive a lawnmower, looks fun.

I just saw a photo of a lava cake, and thought...Mmmmm...I need to make one of those, now you've got me craving one, and since you say they were Delish, I'm convinced.

You're kids are way too cute!!

Happy Belated Birthday to your DAD!!

He doesn't look a day over 40! :), or your mom as a matter of fact!!

Glad you all had a great time!

Great photos. I love the one where you sneaked in the pantry!!

LaRae said...

Great post! Did we really do that much stuff in one weekend? No wonder I'm still trying to recuperate! You will have to e-mail me the picture of Madi on the lawn mower. It's a cute one!

Melanie said...

Cousin camp is such a fabulous idea! I love the pictures- it looks and sounds like the kids had a great tim.

Micalanne said...

I love the individual looks on both Vivi's and Janae's faces! They tell a great story!

I would love to hear from your mom about her inspiration for Cousin Camp and her favorite memory's of them. I think she is fulfilling her role as Mom and Grandma quite well. What a great example to all of us as to what we can do either right now with our children and their cousins, or with our own grandchildren someday.

Micalanne said...

Where are the updated photos of your weight loss so far?!

Micalanne said...
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