Monday, August 6, 2007

Resurrecting Old Posts--a meme

Hey everybody, we are back from the cabin! We had a great time but I will talk about that in another post. Right now Ihave to tell you that I have been tagged!!! I must thank a really cool, great and energetic fun lady!!! One Wacky Mom, Ev Nucci. Doing this meme actually taught me a lot about myself...maybe some things that I need to change, and some things that I really enjoyed. I even finally learned how to insert a link! Which is huge for me!! So, thank you Ev...I know my readers will love you too. She is wacky, and has a great blog, check her out sometime.

Anyway, the meme is one that resurrects old posts so here it goes, hope ya'll enjoy it!

1. This first post must me an old post about family. (well, that is not hard!)

2. This one was a very challenging one for me, which actually taught me a lot about I need more friends, and I need to blog about something other than my children! This is the only blog that I could find that actually mentions friends. Very sad, I know.

3. This link is about myself. It is a weight loss update. At the time I wrote this I had lost 56 pounds. Today I have lost 80 pounds! Wow, I am truly amazed! (This was also enlightening....I just don't write too often about myself, really, hmmmm wonder what that means?)

4. This link is about something I love.....can you guess....come on really.....can't you guess??? Okay other than my kids!!!! Yes you are right, ART!!!! I do really love everything about art. Painting, drawing, viewing, learning etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on. Nothing gives me peace like a paint brush in my hand.

5. This one was my has to be my favorite post!

Thanks to Ev for the walk down memory lane. Make sure you stop by her post, she is one great lady, and has become one of favorite blogger friends to visit!

Now I have to tag five others so here goes!


judypdrsn said...

Cool meme (what does "meme" mean?). I liked visiting your old posts. I see I've been tagged and will get started.

Micalanne said...

Thanks for tagging me. This will be fun because I love to reminisce.

Micalanne said...

P.S. Can't wait to hear about your experiences at cousin camp!

Christine said...

Every once in awhile I look back at all my old posts, it is fun to walk down memory lane.
I'll get started on mine.

Looking forward to hearing all the details of your FUN cousins weekend!!

LaRae said...

did I think you for NOT tagging me? If not - thanks!!!

Melanie said...

I've never seen this meme, it looks like fun. Thanks for tagging me. I've been getting tagged like crazy lately (4 times in one day last week). So, I will do it- but it will probably take me a little while to get around to it.

dawnae said...

LaRae, I know you are so busy getting ready to leave for Hawaii...but in the out!