Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Tenth Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I don't understand

1…. math
2. why I dwell on mistakes, and negative things
3. I cannot seem to organize my life, as hard as I try
4. why desperation always leads to failure
5. why I want to eat food when I am stressed
6. why it seems to take me so much longer to do things than other people
7. why people cannot be more cognizant of other people's needs
8. Why when you really need something, it is never there
9. Why my least favorite plants are flourishing in the garden and my most favorite are doing poorly
10. Why I am always cold, and Allen is always hot
11. Why my children can never find anything
12. Why do your eyes hurt after you cry
13. Why all good things must come to an end

Okay I realize that my little list a bit of a downer, but I just needed to complain a little bit. :) ....sorry Janet and Judy...I'll be better tomorrow. I better get off the computer....Belle tells me I am in "time out" if I don't get off... *sigh*

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judypdrsn said...

Dawnae, I can relate to many of those items on your list. Are you still on "time out?"

dawnae said...

She is watching Dora right now, so I can sneak in a little computer time....ooppps Rose is in the to go....

Maine Mom said...

I hope writing this list helped to lighten your load. I can relate to a lot of these, too.
Too funny that Belle wants to put you in time out!

P.S. I haven't forgotten that you tagged me. :-)

experience courage with Janet said...

Dawnae - No need to apologize to me for anything...I have my really down days and my really, really down days. I can relate to your list and have questions, but not for here....maybe sometime I will answer some of your hypothetical questions and ask you more....I am always facinated by life and when others share what their lives are all about, I am so glad to get new insights. I would LOVE IT if someone would put me in time out - any takers? I will be happy to go to my room for any number of hours for no reason at all!

Christine said...

The one about not being faster than everyone else, that's how I feel. I feel it takes me forever to do something anymore.

LOL! How long is a Mommy timeout?

Don't feel bad about ranting, we all feel like this some days!

Love your ETSY shop. One way to generate traffic to your shop is to HEART other shops! The Isabells is my favorite.

Take care Dawnae!

Joyful Days said...

You know I have absolutely no answers to these, but have asked the questions many times.

Janae said...

Do I dare quote Hannah Montana here?? Everybody makes mistakes...everybody has those days...everybody gets that way...If I'm not doing to well don't be to hard on myself...nobody's perfect...I gotta work it...again and again to get it right...livin and learning! and I mess it up sometimes! (ok my midlife crisis is now official I'm listening to teenie bopper music:) I love these lyrics though!

dawnae said...

Hey Janet, I get so mad at myself when I let things get me down, but it is so hard not to!!!! I just envy these people that are always so chipper and happy. Remember Jan Green? She was like that. I always admired how she was always so happy. I think that mostly I am feeling down because I am stressed, and that affects my art. I feel like I have no inspiration, and everything I do is looking like CRAP! Anyway, thanks Christine, I will heart some stores, and see if I can get some traffic. Janae thanks for your Hannah Montana inspiration....I really think they are great lyrics, and maybe our kids will grow up thinking this way instead of getting down!