Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A cold blustery day!

A cold Spring day! Belle was the only one up to going out in the snow, and she only lasted about 5 minutes. Spencer is still sick, and Rose was taking a nap when we took these pictures.


Janae said...

Isabelle looks like a child model in that close up in the hat! very cute! I can't wait for the cold to go away!!

LaRae said...

it was cold here too, but not THAT cold! i think it was in the low 60's. snow by the end of march is getting a little old, don't you think? i'm impressed that isabelle even thought she wanted to go out! the good thing about snow in march is that it goes away quickly.

dawnae said...

You are so right...yes the snow was a little let down for sure...but it was gone by the evening and raining....weird.