Friday, March 9, 2007

I caved to the pressure

Well I decided to try this out since my sister said it was so easy, and would only take about five minutes.....well five hours later, I think I like what I have done!

I am excited about being able to communicate with family that is far away, and keeping them abreast of all the exciting times in our little family's life.

Spencer is enjoying Rose....he loves them as babies.....then when they get to Belle's age, well as he says, "she is bugging me mom"! Spencer is busy reading lots of books for money for Cousin Camp, and also writing a book. I have read it and am quite impressed, we just might have an author in the family. Spencer is busy with scouts and he had his first sleep over, and stayed up all night playing video games with his friends.

Belle is precocious as ever. After she had cried to go to school with Spencer every morning this week, I decided to ask her if she would like to go to school in the fall, she was so excited she ran to me, hugged me and told me what a lucky girl she is! She is having a very hard time sharing her toys with Rose, as well as sharing Rose's toys with Rose.....we are working on it.

Rose keeps us one our toes, she is into every cabinet, every toilet and paper roll, and anything else we don't want her to get into. She took her first steps last week. For the big news....she is finally sprouting her first tooth! At nine months, my oldest baby to get a tooth! I was getting worried I would have a seven year old with dentures.

Well hope all enjoy that come to read and see our pictures. This is also a great record to be able to record our own family history! Thanks for stopping by.


LaRae said...

Dawnae - welcome to the blogging world! I like the look of your blog as well as the cute pictures of your kids. Now I want to know what "pressure" caused you cave.

dawnae said...

well, I guess I caved in because Janae kept saying how easy it was....and that I had to do I finally caved, and she was really surprised, but I am glad it was fun setting it all up! (With Janae's help of course)