Monday, March 26, 2007

Where did my sweet angel baby go!

Sometimes I don't think I know who this little girl is anymore! Somehow overnight she became the "the girl with the curl in the middle of her forhead.....and when she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was HORRID". My sweet little angel that would say I love you mama, but now her favorite words are no I won't, and I do it. Today my favorite saying was, "Yes your highness" complete with a bow. Okay I think we have an actress in the house! Sometimes I feel like an alien abducted my precious child and replaced her with a total stranger. Sometimes I wish that sweet little girl was still with us, but I know that she has to grow up eventually, and it is really happening. It is so hard knowing the lessons she will have to learn, and hoping I am up to the task. The world we live in can be so scary, and having to talk to her about being kidnapped so she won't run away from me in the store is just a hard thing to do. Today she saw a car wreck on the news, she was so upset, and cried, she kept saying she wanted her car seat right now because she wasn't safe. Right now I can keep her safe, as well all as all of my kids, but eventually they will have to keep themselves safe, and I hope that I teach them well. I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the future.....but for right now I guess all I have to worry about is temper tantrums and time outs!


katie z said...

I know what you mean. ryan is a little bit of a terror lately. His likes to tell me that im naughty and stinky. He used to be so sweet and loving. now he likes to head butt ella and run over her with his truck. ahhh, the life of a two year old...good luck!

LaRae said...

These pictures of Isabelle are so great! She is so funny because look at what a terrific model she is here & then look at her funny little smile in the picture above (part of the post about Rose). In that picture she's doing the funny wink & smile trick. I too am wondering what happened to my angel baby! I only got ONE year of an angel baby & now watch out!!!

experience courage with Janet said...
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experience courage with Janet said...


I know how hard it is to talk to kids about scary stuff, but it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to empower them with tools for 'just in case' times. I LOVE the Safe Side videos - my friend Angela Shelton is "Safe Side Superchick" in the videos - and they are wonderful for small children like yours and teach safety in a non-scary way.

Here is the link -

I hope you will get this video.


Janae said...

I am sorry for your tantrum episodes...I feel your pain!

Micalanne said...

Sweet, sweet little girl! Believe it or not, I miss those days! (I took pictures and video of the awful days. That helped me. Now my girls can look at the proof of their tantrums.) I can't put my girls on my lap and cuddle with them anymore. I hate that!

Not that I'm a child psychologist or anything, but something else that might help is a book called "The Way I Feel". After reading this simple yet effective book, it will give names to her feelings which will enable her to express herslef better. I have an extra one if you'd like. You can send me your address to my email and I'll send it to you.