Sunday, March 18, 2007

progress so far

Well here is the progress so far. We got about half way done. The pile of shrubs is getting higher and higher. There is a huge pine tree, that is covered in ivy. I used to love ivy, I always thought it was so lush and beautiful, so smart looking really. Obiviously I had never had to dig it up. It is a horrible horrible weed, and made the job even harder! We still have to get the ivy off of the tree trunk. The back part of the bed is even worse than the front because there is so much undergrowth and years and years of dropped needles! I think we can get it cleared in about two more days. Allen came home in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, and was very surprised. He said he had someone coming out on Monday to give us an estimate on clearing out this area! Ha....don't need them now! Allen helped for the rest of the day, and Spencer has been a big help, and well Belle and Rose....I guess they are there for our entertainment. In hindsight I should have taken a picture from the sidewalk, I was so amazed at the growth on the side covered half the sidewalk! Ivy, shrubs and pine needles so thick it took hedge shears to get through it all!


Maine Mom said...

Good work!...and yay for doing it yourself and saving some money. I'm sure it was a lot of work, but I bet it felt good to see the progress you made.

LaRae said...

Wow what progress! You better slow down or this won't be a summer project at all - more like a "couple of weekends early spring project".