Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Conversations with a two year old

"mommy, where are we?"

"We are on our street." 1 minute later.....

"mommy, where are we?"

"We are in our driveway going into the garage" 30 seconds later....

"mommy, where are we?"

"We'll sweetie we are in crazy land."


"i want a show"

"Okay, what would you like Ariel or Pongo?"

"pongo. No, i say yes to Ariel."

"Okay, lets put it on"......mom puts movie in, 5 minutes later....

"i not like it....say yes to pongo."

"Okay, it's pongo then" mom gets the movie in and pushes the remote to play... then,

"no, pooh bear"

under my breath..."okay whatever".


"mommie lunchtime?"

"Yes it is, would you like a peanut butter sandwich or cheese sandwich?"

"mmmmm, peanut butter. YUM YUM"

"Okay that sounds great!" mom gets her the peanut butter sandwich, carrots and some milk. Then mom makes her lunch, an omelet, because she has to have protein on her special diet. Mom sits down to a nice, relaxing lunch with her daughter, thinking she is lucky that the baby is still asleep.

"I don't like it, I'll have yours mommy"

SIGH ..."Okay lets share".

Here's to you my baby girl....thanks for all the laughs!


LaRae said...

Aren't you so glad that you will get to enjoy one more two-year-old after Isabelle! They keep life so exciting! We can only imagine what kind of 2-year-old Rose will be. I'm impressed that Isabelle wanted an omelette. That is quite sophisticated for such a little pup.

Cindy said...

Those conversations can be the most hilarious and most exasperating ones! My 4 year old will eat an omlet antime, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Nobody eats eggs without him!

experience courage with Janet said...

Sound's like you have been to the "Parenting with Love and Logic" classes....I love the choices with kids - sometimes it even works! I use it with my 15 year old when he wants to argue with me, I say, "I love you too much to argue with you about ..." and he always smiles and stops the argumenative mood - Good job with the 2 year old conversation.


dawnae said...

My favorite choice with Spencer is....do you want to take a shower now or at 7:oo.....He always choose the latter....pretty funny, and smelly, at that age!

Micalanne said...

I love toddlers!!! Especially when they use their own words to ask for the things they want. When my son was a toddler, he used to ask for his favorite fruit lolope, for cantaloupe. We still love to remember that when we are eating together. Very sweet memory!

judypdrsn said...

That was a cute post!

Janae said...

Yes, I am having de ja vu. I have had many similar conversations. These kids constantly keep us laughing! Too Cute!

Lexi said...

Isabelle is really funny!! I think i see some of the "no"s in Vivi.