Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spencer throws the winning Pass!

Spencer had his first football game this Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. He did really well, and his team even won the game! Spencer passed the ball, and another teamate caught it and they made a touch down! I was very proud of Spencer he did his best, and was a real asset to the team! Way to go! Here are a few pictures of the game, and the family over the weekend.

Spencer with his good friend Jake Hunsaker. The picture below is Spencer right after he threw the winning pass.

Family fun at the game, and so glad that Daddy could be with us!

Belle loves to pose for us in hats......Rose loves to get the hats off!

A rare tender moment between Rose and Spencer.


Janae said...

Yay Spencer! I am so glad he is finding something fun to do with all of his great energy :)

Micalanne said...

Awesome Spencer! What a great way to start the season! And, how nice to have Dad there to share in the fun!