Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nothing of Importance

Today my sister Janae asked me if I had blogged yet, I said no, and she asked why not? Well, because I couldn't think of anything momentous to blog about! Those words were just stuck in my head, and reminded me of Elizabeth Barclay. (one of our ancestors on mom's side). She was a pioneer that traveled by wagon from Pennsylvania to Kansas. We are so very lucky that she kept a journal! Often if she thought nothing great happened that day she would write, "nothing of importance". My mother and I have often wished that she had written whatever mundane thing happened, because to us it would have been fascinating! So here is my mundane day, and a few Easter pictures that I finally manged to down load!

Today was rather challenging to my nerves and mental health. I had been meaning to put some of Spencer's old clothes on ebay to sell. I have been procrastinating doing it for a while now, and said enough procrastinating. So while I tried to get that all done I had a young baby not at all happy with the lack of attention, and the toddler was even less enthused saying..."need ttention mama!" So that was rather challenging getting that done with the youngins under foot!

Spencer made a pathetic attempt at passing off a "book report", and had to go back and try to do better! (which he did)

Rose decided that the onions in the cupboard looked rather tasty, and had onion breath for most of the afternoon.

So basically in a nutshell that was our day.

On these challenging days I think it is important for me to remember my blessings. Like a husband who really loves me. That my children are healthy. That I am losing weight and getting healthier. That I have a great supportive extended family, and that I have a safe home to raise my children in. And last but not least, this nice hot mug of peppermint tea, sitting right in front of me.


Janae said...

Dawnae, I like the cute pictures. by the way, I have a disposable camera that you guys left in Vegas. I am so glad that Spencer went back to do a better job on his report. We actually were also going back on doing better on our school work here as well!

Maine Mom said...

It's interesting that you mentioned writing about the mundane because I was saying the same thing on Sunday during my Young Women lesson. Just like you would love to learn about your ancestor's mundane days, your descendants will want to learn about yours...and we like reading about your day as well :-)

I LOVE your Easter pictures! Such sweet children.

Cindy said...

What a great reminder to all of us. I write about things that I think are mundane and really of no interest except to me, and then my older daughter will read about it and think it's wonderful and entertaining and ask why I didn't tell her about it. All the "little" things are important. Thanks for reminding me! I love the pictures too!

LaRae said...

Glad to see a new post! Yea! We love to hear what's going on - even if it is "nothing of importance." That's how we stay in better touch & know what is going on. So - now I know you are selling some of Spencer's clothes on ebay. Wouldn't have known that before! The Easter pictures are cute. Isn't that waterfall area such a great picture-taking spot? Yesterday Lacey was planning with the "ducks" as we were leaving after a short visit & I had to snap a picture - maybe I'll post on my blog. L

Micalanne said...

I love "Nothing of Importance" news!

Anonymous said...

well the nothing of importance news made me laugh and laugh with rose with onion breath. how cute and how unexpected to see a baby with onion breath too funny. you are a good writer as well as a good artist! love mom