Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my cutie patooties

Rose is just growing so fast and being so cute. She has this one top tooth that is just hilarious. She is walking everywhere, just like a little chimpanzee with her arms up in the air. She has learned to shake her head back and forth, and today started to shake up and down. She looks like Jeanie from I dream of Jeanie when she does it because she blinks everytime she does it! She loves to eat dirt more than her food, and she has such a temper. I can never tell if she is hurt or mad because the cry is the same!

Spencer and I had a very rough morning. He forgot to get his antibiotic to take to his dads house and his homework. This is the second week in a row that he has forgotten
his homework. It wouldn't be so bad, but school is twenty minutes away in Salt Lake. However, he did manage to bring his books that he is reading for fun! I can't figure out why I am supposed to remember everything!

Belle had a hard time this afternoon. She became very upset watching the pbs show Noddy. Well, she kept screaming and crying that he was good. I could not convince her that naughty and noddy were different. She did have a good time picking the tulips in the back yard, so all was not lost.


LaRae said...

Those tulips are awesome! I love love love the color - they would look great in my kitchen!

Maine Mom said...

This post and your last one hit home. Talking with toddlers can be exhausting! (Just reading about your conversations wore me out!)
My older children think I know everything...which is flattering, but annoying when they expect me to know where all their stuff is and to remember everything.
Those tulips are beautiful!

Cindy said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! I want some!

My kids expect me to remember everything too. Now that I'm thinking about it, so does my husband!

I love the last part in this post about naughty and noddy, that sounds like something my kids would have said at that age! too funny!

experience courage with Janet said...

Moms are supposed to remember everything - and have it all in your purse. I laugh everytime my full grown husband asks me how many Tylenol he should take for a headache. I told him the whole bottle once and he just stood there looking at me, then said, "You're kidding, right?"

Janae said...

It's a good thing their cute...right? that is always my saying for the's a good thing your cute...j/k of course!

Lexi said...

they are really cute!!!! even though they can be very naughty!!!!