Monday, July 16, 2007

Allen working in Salt Lake!!

Well Allen is now working in the Salt Lake area, so he is back home! The girls are so excited. I am excited too, but it is an adjustment. I am not used to him being home so much! Last week he was sick with the flu, and came home from work very I got to be nursemaid, and the blog sure did suffer! Between getting him better, all the housework after being out of town, and the weeds that were as tall as the corn, I was just a little bit busy!

Just to add to my business, I wanted to make a little extra money because we have Belle's birthday in August, and a trip to Hawaii in August. So I decided to put some stuff up on ebay. So far I have four bids on the magic bullet I put up for auction. However, I made these really cute capelets, that are not doing very well....and they are so dang cute! Here is a picture.

These are Janae's girls, they consented to pose for me! Anyway, if any of you veteran ebayers now how to move stuff, let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Guess I better go make breakfast for the kids!


Christine said...

Those are so DANG cute.

What would help, is to put a button up on your sidebar that says "My Ebay Auctions". I could make one for you and if you send me the link to your Ebay Profile auction listings, I'll email you the HTML code to put in your sidebar.

Take care,

Maine Mom said...

I hope your hubby is feeling better now. Enjoy having him around more!

The capelets are adorable. Great job! The models are cute, too. :-)

judypdrsn said...

What's a magic bullet?

LaRae said...

I had to google magic bullet to find out what it is. Love those most serious models!

experience courage with Janet said...

I want a magic bullet. I look at it everytime I go to Costo, but have not brought myself to fork over the $50 bucks. Do you like it or are you selling it on e-bay because you "don't" like it?

I always wonder about TV gadgets.

experience courage with Janet said...

OH -- I forgot to say congrats to you and to Allen and to your family for having him in SLC! It is a big adjustment, I have been through that when Wayne and I finally got on the same shift and did not work days / swing as when our children were small and they did not have to go to day care. It is hard, but it is nice to be on a regular schedule.

dawnae said...

okay, I really did not like the magic bullet. I think I am just not a savvy gadget girl!!! If you make a lot of mixed drinks, frozen and smoothies etc. then I think it would be great for someone. I did not think that the juicer worked well at all!

dawnae said...

Thanks Christine! I will definitely take you up on that offer! I just have to figure out what my link is! :) ( I am so computer savvy!)