Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've been tagged!

Christine has tagged me to write about eight things about my husband and I, so here I go.

1. My husband and I got engaged four years ago, and our anniversary is coming up, August 30th.

2. My husband and I actually met on line, and I didn't take him seriously. (I was seriously looking to marry, that biological clock was a tickin!) At one point after a few dates, I started to avoid him, thinking he was not looking to get married. I screened my phone calls, and did not return his calls. A couple weeks went by, and I started to find little notes on my door from him, begging me to call him back. I guess I decided maybe he was serious, since he had to drive about 45 minutes to get to my house.

3. Both my husband and I are the same height, 5'3, but if you ask him he is 5'5.

4. We have two daughters, (who are rambunctious and wear both of us out), and I have one son.

5. We both love to go to movies.

6. We are both 40.

7. We both have tempers, I simmer quietly, he yells and gets it out, but he ALWAYS says he is sorry. (I rarely am wrong, therefore do not have to say that I am sorry.) :)

8. We both grew up outside of Utah. Allen grew up in Tallahasse Florida, and came to Utah on a mission, then stayed to get married. (it only took almost 20 years after his mission to find me!) I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I came to Utah to go to school, got married, had a baby, got divorced, then met Allen about 10 years later.

I am going to tag everybody that sees this! Yes, I mean you! (Judy, you are not exempt, I would love it if you wrote about you and Zac.)


Christine said...

I laughed out loud on #7, that's exactly how I am.

Thanks for playing, it was fun to get to know you and your family more.

Melanie said...

Great meme! I love your answer to #7! Of course, us ladies are very rarely wrong!

A Week In the Life of A Redhead said...

Congratulations on your meme. Great answers too. They are really a lot of work aren't they? I enjoyed your photos!
Catherine, the redhead

Micalanne said...

How fun! I think I may even have my husband help me play this one! He has a steel trap of a memory and will be able to come up with some things I probably wouldn't think of.