Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Seven

Seven things that I am thankful for this past week.

1. Good neighbors that help you fix things, and give you homemade salsa, and water your garden for you when you are out of town. ( I have really great neighbors).

2. My kids. They are so cute, and hugs and kisses always make me feel better.

3. The opportunity that I have to work at home and raise my children.

4. I am very thankful for my talents.

5. I am so thankful for old friends that I have reconnected with through the blog world, and for new friends that I have made.

6. I am grateful for our garden, that we have a large back yard and enough room to have a really big garden.

7. Finally I am thankful for losing weight. It has given me so much energy, and changed my life!


judypdrsn said...

I love that you garden. So does Micalanne. Have you read "Animal, Mineral, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver - she wrote "Poisonwood Bible," and "Prodigal Summer." She's one of my favorite writers. Well, she has this new book about her own family's move from Arizona to West Virginia to live in a farmhouse and grow all their own food - even animals. It's a really really good book. (I need to learn synonyms for "really") I thought since you garden you might really - oops - undoubtedly, assuredly, positively, verily enjoy "Animal, Mineral, Miracle."

Janae said...

What a wonderful list:)

Melanie said...

What a great list!

Christine said...

Those are all wonderful things to be thankfull for.
I'm thankful for all my kids hugs and kisses and I love you mamas too! They really do make you feel good.

And to stay at home with them is one of the things I'm thankfull for too.

Micalanne said...

Are you going to post pictures of your garden?! How are your pumpkins doing? I did not plant mine, so sad!

This is a great list, you are very blessed...

LaRae said...

A great list - I agree w/ Micalanne - we need pictures of the garden!

dawnae said...

I would love to read her books, i have heard they are really good, so I will put them on my list.