Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Balloon Trauma

Poor Belle. We are getting a big storm in, and the wind is just whipping everywhere. Belle has had a balloon for about two weeks now, (she has kept them over a month before), and she was using it as a kite outside. She did not let it go...it came untied where they tie the string to the balloon. She was just crushed. Curled up into a ball and cried her little eyes out. So I had a wonderful idea of making a kite from items we had around the house. I have never made a kite...I do not know the physics behind making them fly....(I bet Doug does though....shoulda called him.) Anyway needless to say the balloon flew much better, but Belle was happy, and we got some good pictures.


Janae said...

Really cute pictures! I am glad Belle liked flying her kite! Sometimes that's all it takes, another distraction:)

Christine said...

Looks like a great day to fly a kite.
Belle looks like she's really having a fun time.
I don't know how to make kites either. Mine would turn out upside down and backwards. :)
If you haven't allready read this post, is how we found out Josh has Diabetes.
To my Amazing son Josh

Micalanne said...

Dawnae, Belle just melts my heart! I just love this girl and I've never met her! I'm glad she had fun with her balloon for a time and then with her kite. (We are getting a storm in, too!)

Michelle said...

My Nora has a thing with balloons as well. We always get one at her fav. Mexican restaurant and I too remember the day that it accidentally went up in the air without warning. She cried as well. Indeed, your Belle is a curly headed beauty! Love her!!

experience courage with Janet said...

Devin came home with a balloon science project yesterday. They blew up a balloon and then put glew and newspaper on it, painted it and drew constelations on it - it was pretty cool, but turned his white school uniform shirt black.

maybe a fun way to save Belle's balloon in the future -