Friday, June 15, 2007

I've been tagged!

I am about to embark on a journey that I have never done before! I am a virgin tagger!!! My blogger friend Laura, the author of has officially tagged me. I guess this makes me a full fledged, hard core, bloggin woman!

1. What was I doing ten years ago.....

nothing fun, going through a divorce actually. :(

2. What was I doing one year ago.....

okay much much better answer. I was recuperating from having my sweet baby Rose.

3. Five snacks that I enjoy.....

Kashi go lean crunch
string cheese
a Swedish fish now and then
ham and cheese

4. 5 songs I know all the lyrics to.....

I will survive
I am (Paula Cole)
She's a brick house
Rock a bye baby
Tu Ra Lu Ra Lu Ra (Irish lullaby)

5. 5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

get an art studio....(build extra garage into quaint wonderfully beautiful studio)
Hire someone to re-do sprinklers, and re-sod yard
Hire someone to add another patio and garden retreat in backyard
Buy a art supply company
(bummer I only get to put five things!)

6. 5 bad habits....well this is easy.....

freak out after I procrastinate
I yell too much
I get obsessed with a painting until I love it (my husband would mostly say this is one of my five bad habits...)
eat when I am stressed out!

7. 5 things I would never wear again

leg warmers
sheared off sweatshirt (off the shoulder of course)
huge hoop earrings
my pants tucked into cowboy boots

8. 5 toys I love

Kitchen aid mixer
four wheelers
all my art stuff
(this was super duper hard ......I think I need more toys!)

9. 5 people to tag!

sugar and spice everything nice
Wallace Words of Wisdom
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Experience Courage With Janet
5 too Many


Maine Mom said...

I feel loved! Thanks for giving me something to blog about today :-)

Divorce...been there, done that
Recuperating from a baby...done that, too :-)
I love Swedish fish, but lately they make some of my teeth ache...such a bummer!
"I will survive" is a good song to know when you're a mom :-)
I hope you get your art studio someday!
I'm a yeller too, not good
Dittos on the not wearing again!
I think the toy question is going to be a hard one for me too.

Melanie said...

Congrats on becoming a "full fledged, hard core, bloggin woman!" I loved reading your 5 things!!

PJ said...

Good list, I love string cheese.

Janae said...

Well, this seems really hard but, I will try...

Janae said...

oh, I did like your list though:) very good answers.

judypdrsn said...

What does it mean to be tagged? Does the taggee do the list next?

dawnae said...

Judy you answer the questions, and then you tag five other people!