Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thirteen Things that I should have done instead of watching a movie with my kids, eating popcorn, and still in my pj's

1…. Gotten my TT list done

2. get the dry cleaning

3. go grocery shopping

4. water the garden

5. clean the kitchen

6 gotten the kids dressed and hair combed

7. painted

8. deciding what to paint next.....any suggestions?????

9. mop the floor

10. vacum

11. answered emails

12. researched digital cameras to buy the best one for the best price.

13. okay maybe it is okay I just hung out with my kids this morning!

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Laura said...

Got to say, I'm glad you didn't go all thirteen of those things. Movies, pjs and popcorn is exactly what you should have been doing! :)

And TAG! You're it! Check my site. :)

Laura said...

Correction comment:

(whoops - I meant "do" not "go")

FRIGGA said...

Sometimes bonding is just more important than to do lists. Sounds like a great way to spend the morning!
Happy TT13

experience courage with Janet said...

I'm all about pajama day.

Janae said...

Sometimes ya just have to have those "free times":)

Melanie said...

What you did was much more important than the stuff you listed on your TT!! All that stuff can wait. Kids grow up way too fast.

Christine said...

That's OK, I did the exact same thing.

Have you painted a pansy or a Sunflower yet? The Eagle one is brillant.

Have a fun weekend!