Thursday, June 7, 2007

My sixth Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things I need right now!

1…. desperately in need of a pedicure for the sandal season!

2. I need a haircut....been way too long.

3. I need a new digital camera to take better pictures of my art pieces.

4. I need a night and dinner!

5. I need a full nights sleep.......

6. and to sleep in until 10:00 am.

7. I need my carpets cleaned.

8. I need a goat! (see ww post at )

9. I need the laundry done.

10. I need a new phone.

11. I need a little summer sun!

12. I need more exercise.

13. A nice Lunch with friends!

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Shelby said...

great list! I so need all that too! the lunch thing sounds especially nice - wish I could go to lunch with allllllllll my blogging friends at once - wouldn't that be so fun!! :)

take care and happy Thursday!

The Rock Chick said...

Oh, I need all of those things, too, well, ok, except for the goat. I'm pretty sure I don't need one of those :)
Re: #1 and #2. Going to try to take care of those this afternoon!!! Can't wait!!!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

Christine said...

Love your list. Those are all things I need to do too, except the goat!
The only ones I can cross off my list are Summer sun, I've got plenty of that, and a new phone.

Have a great Thursday!

experience courage with Janet said...

What kind of phone do you need?

I like your list. Wish I could come and visit with you and do lunch... Full nights sleep only happens on the weekends, cuz' I'm such a night owl!

Karina said...

I could practically have written that list myself! Well, except for the goat, and I did dinner and movies with a friend last night. Saw Shrek 3, it was cute.

Thanks for visiting my WW yesterday.

Maine Mom said...

I need those things too! The mention of the haircut just reminded me that I have once again let a day go by without calling my hairdresser to make an appointment, darn!

Crimson Wife said...

I am so with you on the laundry and the haircut (gotta be a mom thing!)

Janae said...


Why don't you call Marina, make and appointment, and I will watch the girls:) great list!