Monday, June 4, 2007

Sick weekend For the Nicholsons

Well this weekend was pretty much uneventful. Allen was home, and I tried to rest as I was not feeling well. Rose, Belle and Spencer all had bad colds. Spencer missed his camp out with the scouts because of not feeling well. We were pretty much all bummed! I did get Bilma's poppy, (the red poppy piece) up for auction on I hope I get a few bids, but I am going to need to work on getting better pictures of my didn't look very professional. A lot of the artists on there I think have specific computer programs for making there pieces look really great. Well, I am sure it will be a learning process for me. I basically just wanted to get my guts up....and actually do what I have been wanting to do for ages, but it is hard....rejection is never easy! Well, I hope all of you out there in blogger land had a better weekend than I did!


Janae said...

I am sorry you were all feeling under the weather :( hopefully you will all feel good again soon. I checked out the poppy on your art site! Very cool! I am sure you will get some bids:)

Maine Mom said...

That is a bummer that your family had a sick weekend. I hope you are feeling better.

Cindy said...

I'm sorry your weekend was a bummer, too! There must be something in the air! I hope your week gets better!

experience courage with Janet said...

Sometimes, staying home and being sick together is better than running around all weekend trying to get things done, and then starting Monday out exhausted!

Your art looks cool on that site..I'll have to share it with my husband!

LaRae said...

Good luck withyour painting! That really does take courage to put yourself "out there" like that. I think you should change the current price on the website from .01! It certainly is worth more than that. Hope everyone is feeling better. -L

Micalanne said...

I'm sorry your family hasn't been feeling well.

Your poppy looks great. The second picture does it great justice by allowing the details to show.

I agree with LaRae; you definitely need to change the beginning price to at least $50. As of 10:50 p.m. my time, you had 66 visits to your site!

Good Luck! I'll pray for your success!

Christine said...

There must be something going around. Sorry everyone was sick this weekend.

I think your photo came out just fine. Gorgeous painting. You're very talented. I'm sure you will get some bids. :)
Here's to a better week!