Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back from Memorial Day Weekend at the Cabin

We spent the holiday weekend at my parents cabin on Mammoth Creek. We sure had a great time with the cousins, aunts and uncles and Mammy and Poppy. We celebrated Rose and Spencer's birthdays, ate yummy breakfasts cooked by Poppy, and delicious dinners! We enjoyed the sun glinting off the water, exploring, and walking along the banks of the stream. Belle found many rocks that she needed to bring home. Rose had her first taste of cake, and Spencer discovered how to make a bridge to get to an island. (however, he was really trying to make a boat to sail across the stream. Didn't work out though.) We really enjoyed our time with our family. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

Rose's first taste of chocolate birthday cake. (LaRae got a better shot.....hope she posts it.)

Cousin Madi and Ryan. LaRae's girls are so great with all the kids. Katie watched Rose for me several times, Madi is very loving to all the kids, and Lacey played so great with Belle...and taught her all about school!

Lacey and Belle fishing of the deck of the cabin.

Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful time, and all the sacrifices you guys make so that we have this wonderful place to party at together!


Christine said...

I'm glad your family had an awesome time, getting away to the Mountains. I love the Great outdoors.

Isn't chocolate cake the best??I love the pic of Rose eating her cake. Very sweet. :)

As for the Magic Bullet, I was thinking about getting one, except for the price. My husband would spend that much, but I'm the frugal one. Thanks for the review.

Maine Mom said...

It's so neat that your parents have the cabin to get together at. It looks and sounds like you had a great time!
It's funny how little ones are so fascinated with rocks. I send my kids outside with an egg carton to fill with rocks and they are entertained for hours looking for rocks and then examining them!

Micalanne said...

What a fun time you had! Your children are beautiful! Did you save any chocolate cake for me? No one in my family likes cake, so we never have it around. Now ice cream....that's another story; they love ice cream.

I love the idea of giving children an egg carton to fill up. That would work at the beach, too.

Very nice to have a place to go to with all the family!

Janae said...

I am glad you guys had a good trip! Wish we could have been there. :(

judypdrsn said...

Great pictures, Dawnae! I was about to call LaRae and see if she was OK because she hasn't posted for a while (hee hee). How nice that your parents have a place you can all gather. Fun!

judypdrsn said...

Micalanne, I just read that nobody in your family likes cake. That must come from Bart's side.