Tuesday, May 22, 2007

procrastination strikes its ugly head again!

Well, whenever I post a project that I have been putting off....I always seem to get it done. So here is my newest project that must get done by Friday. I have 2 days and one evening.

These photos are from somewhere in Texas, and my mom wants a water color of them for the cabin. Water color is not easy!!! If you make a mistake it is next to impossible to repair.....I have done two paintings already, and not liked either one.....so here goes attempt #3. When I get it done, I will post my finished project on my new blog http://artbydawnae.blogspot.com Lets hope that it will be good enough to hang on a wall with my name on it!


Janae said...

Good luck! You will do a wonderful job!

LaRae said...

Looking forward to the finished product.

Christine said...

Your Calla Lilly work of art is absolutely beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing how your new project turns out.