Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My 3rd Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Things about why I can't exercise

1…. I have to wash the walls.

2. That pedicure is so overdue!

3. The kids need me.

4. I really need a nap, was up twice in the night with Rose.

5. I am so tired.....because I was up twice.....blah blah and blahhbity.

6. I am starting to "appreciate" all the years it has taken to get this amount of cellulite.

7. I need to knit a sweater...I mean I need to shop for some summer clothes for the kids.

8. I need to catch up on Desperate Housewives....about the whole season is saved on my DVR.

9. I really need to take the scissors and cut my split ends one by one....while the light is still good.

10. I really need to get those dust bunnies out from under the bed.

11. I think I pulled my neck out again...I really need to let that rest.

12. I really need to gather all the baby's toys for a good cleaning and disinfecting.

13. I have got to strip the wood on the main floor and refinish it pronto!

......Okay Okay Okay Janae, I know I know, I will get on the treadmill already......shish!

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Mz Jackson said...

Do you mind if I print these out and use them as excuses? They're so good!

Janae said...

I am glad you are gonna finally make it on the treadmill...strip the wood floor? You silly girl!

Maine Mom said...

The things we'll do to get out of exercising :-) Great list!

Anonymous said...

hey dawnae you can use numnber 10 and 13 for exercise!!! how about that??? maybe that could count?!!! love mom.

LaRae said...

Stay tuned for next week's Thirteen Thursday . . . The Thirteen reasons why I will exercise . . .

Here's a start -

1. My heart will thank me
2. My family will thank me
3. My body will thank me
4. More muscle means less fat
5. I will have more energy
6. Can you spell stress release?
7. I need to catch up on Desperate Housewives - put it in while you walk!
8. Even though I appreciate that cellulite, I could probably do with out

etc. etc.

ok - not as creative or entertaining as your list but, dad didn't haul that treadmill all the way to Utah just so it could sit & look pretty!

Katie z said...

you at least have 13 reasons, I have one and its becuase Im lazy and i seem to be under the impression that the baby weight will magically melt off, as if I live in some lovely and mystical land where things like that happen... Plus, Id rather eat Zingers and rice krispie treats, yeah, Im living the good life

Christine said...

Who needs exercise sounds like you have plenty to keep you going?
I know I should exercise too, and I've used some of the reasons to get out of it! :)

Jen said...

Hmm some of those sound like they'd do some calorie burning by themselves! =)