Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Year ago today

I have discovered I am a cripple without my digital camera! Last night we celebrated Spencer's birthday, and his crossing over from being a cub scout to a boy scout! Right when we were opening camera battery goes dead!!!!! How can I blog? I will have to wait until I get to the store to process the pics and get them on a cd!!! I was so upset! I really wanted to share Spencer's big night. But that will have to wait....I thought that there was no way I could post without a picture....but I am going to do best with just words...imagine that!

Spencer got 1/2 of his gifts because we are having a family party over Memorial Day Weekend, but he got some pillows for his bed, an ipod shuffle, and a clock radio/alarm! We had chocolate fudge cake, and vanilla ice cream. We made Janae's yummy flank steak recipe, and had a lovely dinner. Then we went to the church for pack meeting. They had a great time....and Belle joined right in with the fun. She made a walnut bug with Spencer, and raced it.....and played other games as well. It amazes me how social she is....never afraid to make new friends. When we first got to the meeting she was yelling at the boys to "be quiet and stop running guys!!!!" Sometimes I don't know where this kid came from! At the end of the meeting Spencer and his best friend Ryan crossed over from being a cub scout to a boy scout, and received their books and kerchiefs. It was an exciting time, and we had a lot of fun! I think Spencer is really excited about "graduating" from cub scouts to be a "big" kid. He is really excited about the overnighters, and even said he was going to wear his uniform to every meeting without a complaint! (wow....I am impressed). His new scout master is Brother Chatwin, and I think he will be great for Spencer. It was a great night....and as soon as I get the pictures processed.....I will post them!

On the way to Spencer's school this morning...I remembered an early morning 11 years ago, on my way to the hospital, so excited to hold this baby that had been in my tummy. I remembered how wonderful it was to hold him in my arms, and kiss his little warm wet head. He was such a good nurser from the very first moments, and I was so happy. I watched him walk up the sidewalk and onto the playground, and I just got a little teary eyed. My little baby is growing up, and before I know it will be taller than me, his voice will be deep, he will start driving....and dating, and will be on his way to being an adult. Spencer this is my Birthday wish to you.

I wish for you to be happy. I hope you will make good choices that will make you proud. I hope that you will grow into a man that is kind, gentle and forgiving. I want and wish for you to know that it is okay for you to cry, hug and say I love you. I want you to know how much I love you, and that as you grow older your choices will influence your life much more than the choices your father and I have made for you. I know that your life has not always been easy, but learn not to be sad or bitter about that, learn to know that everyone makes mistakes and that is okay, because that is how we learn in this life. I want you to be proud of your accomplishments, your intelligence, and your many talents. You are growing into a handsome young man. I hope that your testimony will carry you through these hard years that are coming up. I pray that you will choose the right, learn who your true friends are, and protect those relationships. Don't ever accept someone telling you that you can't do can do anything that you set your mind to doing. Be secure in knowing who you are, and be an example to those around you. Remember most of all, I will always always be here for you. You may not want me to be there, but I will be here when you need me. Remember that family is one of the most important things, and they are there when the going gets tough. Lean on the Lord, go to him in prayer, and he will help you. He knows and loves you very much.

Happy Birthday my wonderful and precious son.


Janae said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Spencer! He is lucky to have you for his mother. I can't believe how old these kids are is bringing on to many teary-eyed days!

LaRae said...

Happy birthday Spencer. What a wonderful message from a mother who loves you very much.

katie z said...

Happy birthday to Spencer!!

judypdrsn said...

Ahh, a mother and son. Now that's something I can understand. Special, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

spencer if i were you i would have your mom print off that special tribute and paste it in your scriptures wonderful advice to a son from a mm that loves him , happy birthday till memorial day. love mam gram and poppy